Hammer’s FRANKENSTEIN series represents a high watermark in cinema history, so it gives me no end of pleasure to have contributed to Second Sight‘s sublime limited edition release of the 7th and final film in the Hammer FRANKENSTEIN franchise, FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL (1974).

My contribution is an essay on class and privilege in the booklet of this release, which sits alongside other essays by Kevin Lyons and Kelly Robinson. I was also tickled pink to have passed the Hammer Studios test with barely an edit to my piece, which feels like winning an Oscar in my world.

Peter Cushing is utterly brilliant here as the mad scientist descending even further into madness (while mourning is wife in real life – note his extra-deathly pallor).

Here’s the trailer:

NIGHTMARE booklet essay

I was blessed to be asked by Indicator to write this booklet essay on the Freddie-Francis-directed NIGHTMARE (1964) for their glorious four-disc release called Hammer Volume 6: Night Shadows, also containing THE SHADOW OF THE CAT (1961), CAPTAIN CLEGG (1962) and THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1962).

I’ve done my best to capture the artwork in the two photos below for what can only be described as a breathtaking boxset. Let’s just say, this is an edition that is sure to make an impression in any DVD collection.

Thank you to Kier-La Janisse for providing the inspiration behind this piece.

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