Cult Movies Podcast: The Nutty Professor (1963) & Forbidden Planet (1956)

There’s nothing I love more than appearing on the Cult Movies Podcast with Anthony King. So, imagine my surprise upon the realisation that I had forgotten to promote my appearance back in April when we chatted about THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (1963)? I should be ashamed of myself!

Not only can you listen to Anthony and I dive into all things Jerry Lewis with that previous episode but you can now hear us go deep on a sci-fi classic, FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956), and explain why it’s one of the more influential films ever made.

Yes, it’s Robby the Robot’s film debut (right)

These are long podcasts but I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of them if you’re willing to run the marathon. We also present our three individual selections for ‘companion viewing’, as well as discussing the feature film.

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