Cinemaniacs Presents: “All of Them Witches” – The Devil in ’60s and ’70s Cinema

This event took place in March 2018 (see the preamble under ‘Continue reading’ below) and the results have now been posted on YouTube. Or you can watch it right here:

With the launch of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival’s program for 2018, I can now divulge that I’ll be participating in a special panel discussion, All of Them Witches, that promises to be a helluva lot of devilish fun.

Hosted by Hande Noyan and presented by Melbourne’s prolific Cinemaniacs team, this panel consists of Lee Gambin, Sally Christie and I, and runs as a partner event to the documentary Mansfield 66/67, which screens the night before.

We’ll be showing clips and imagery, running through a cauldron of films and putting forward our theories as to why Hollywood was so enamoured with the Church of Satan and pretty much everything satanic in the 1960s and 1970s.

Book your tickets or go to hell.


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